07 July 2007

The Power of Action

When I first know and understand the Power of Knowledge, I have decided that this is the path I MUST pursue and thus set a personal goal to read at least a book per month. I took responsibility for my own knowledge and I start to read. With the help of my mentors, I have learnt how to read books. (You may think that I am going crazy. Do we need mentors to teach us HOW to read books? Just read lor!)

Yes, HOW to read, with some simple techinques. Unknowing, I achieved my goal of reading 1 book per month, after a while of course. In fact, at the end of last year (2006), I was reading at a speed of 3 books per month! I reflected upon my current state and said to myself, "WOW!". I have evolved from a person who hates to read, to a person who can read 3 books per month? "WOW!"

By reading more books, I have gained more concepts, both in breadth and in depth. The more I read, the more I enjoy the process. Just last month, at the peak of my work portfolio, I have achieved a reading speed of 5 books per month! Double, WOW WOW!! I am reading at such a speed that I... Someone stop me!!! :-O

Sometimes I am just curious that my brain may be exploding with so much information. I guess this is a happy problem. Now I just need a framework to digest these information at a much higher and faster speed, or at least a speed that match my reading. :-)

I know what is necessary to be done, to reach the end state I have in mind. I drafted a simple plan, hold on to a set simple beliefs, and I took action. (Ah Beng call this "Chiong ah!".) One strange phenomena I have noticed is that.... When I take Actions, the effects multiplies by itself. The more actions I take, the more the effects multiples, until so massive. This phenomena does not just apply to reading.

When I make known to my circle of friends that I am looking out for mentors who are willing to share and to guide me, my network in this aspect expanded! And I am so glad that every mentor I have met is also willing to lead me to the next mentor whom I need. Ever heard of network marketing concept? I guess I market myself well enough for my mentors to recommend me to their friends. I become a product already?! :-)

Massive changes require massive actions. By understanding that actions, no matter how small it may seem initially, taken consistently over a period of time, will have its effects multiple by itself, I "think big, start small". It is this simple.

Of course, everything seems to be balanced in our world. With massive actions, the opposite is procrastination. Warning: "Procrastination" is the number 1 killer of success. It is the single most common state that keeps people from taking action.

So what are you waiting for? Continue to whine and continue to play "victim"? Or choose to take small action steps, NOW!! Your choice. ;-)

Your Learning Partner,

"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living"

"Everybody has the ability to do absolutely anything I do and much more beyond. Some of you will and some of you won't. For the ones who won't, it will be because you get in your own way, not because the world doesn't allow you." - Warren Buffett