11 August 2007


I have discovered a 'Secret'. Eternal love only exist at that very moment when a couple is in love. And Love, itself, needs to be contantly nurture to lengthen its eternity.

Jay Chou's lastest self-directed film, "Secret", is refreshing. The story revolves around a young couple, divided by a 20 years space of time, and their puppy love. I am not so sure about the directorship of Jay but the movie sure is able to help rekindle the old memories I'd have. You can catch the movie trailer @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LcU69W7fLk. Jay has also released a single track album to comensurate this movie. You can also catch his single MV @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP1xgkt_u-g on YouTube. Or if you prefer just to listen to plain old Jane music only, hear it from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG0oPTsyfws&NR=1. Jay looked very handsome in the movie. His Lead Actress does not look very pretty, but has a extraordinary charming and sweet smile. It's a perfect match. Must watch the movie! :-)

There lies a realisation - Eternal love ONLY exist at that very moment when a couple is in love and Love, itself, needs to be kept warm. Zen Buddhism has a saying on experiencing that "moment". I thought I knew. Now I understand. There is no permanent people or things on this world of ours. There is no constant in this world. The only constant is Change. Thus if a couple do not communicate sufficiently of the changes in their individual life constantly, support each other changes, the other partner will slowly be lost in the journey. This is what layman called, "Drifting Apart Slowly".

Love needs effort to be kept warm. There is no way to fall in love and just leave it there, hoping for it to last. Hope is not a method. Before you know, it will become archived memories eventually instead of love remaining. Thus, there is no such things as eternal love when a couple is no longer in love. Capturing that very moment in time is important.

Our Government has recently released a survey report stating that our country's divorce rate has increased. Why so? It is not difficult to notice that Singaporeans are a hard working lot. They worked so hard to pursue certain goals, mostly financially related, or higher living standard related. Some pursue certain dreams. Some don't even know why are they so hard working. Often neglect those who love them. This situation does not just apply to couples, but also to family members who love them. Suppose if they failed in their undertakings, will they ask themselves who will still be there to support them? Their Love Ones. So where should the center of gravity (CG) be? You tell me.

If there is any opportunity, ask those top achievers, who does not have any love ones to share their achievement, for their feelings about achievements. Their achievement will be 'empty'.

We Work to Live and Not Live to Work. If you are a workaholic, Stop! Breathe! See what you have been missing now before it is too late. What human fails to see Now, loses it, will eventually have to taste the medicine named, "Regrets". What is done, may not be able to undo in the near future. It may even take all that you have so dearly achieved, plus interest, to undo the damages. Some failed to.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank someone, whom has help me to realise, understand on a concept called Living Again. Below is my reflection on what I have learnt:


Life is about living again

There was once a lady, I met
Charming, attractive and cheerful, she was

Unwittingly I opened her heart and entered it
I left mine inside and foolishly closed hers

She'd lighten up my life and taught me what is love again
Memories we'd shared, they are ours to keep forever

I thanked her for leading me and the way
Showed me that life is about living again


Love is about living too. Fellow Friends, start living if you think or feel that you have not yet live a life. Don't taste the bitter medicine of "Regrets".

With lots of Love,


"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living."