23 November 2011

The Start of a TEFL Online Course Journey

Saw this blog feature on i-to-i Chalkboard and I thought maybe I can use it to record my learning journey on the i-to-i online TEFL course for subsequent reflection. China blocks almost every blog sites, including my Blogspot.

I had started on the 120 hours online TEFL learning journey on 30 Sep 2011. Successfully completed Module 1 on 1 Oct 2011 and Module 2 on 2 Oct 2011. Everyone is having a great time this period with their long awaited China's National Day holidays... yet I am sloughting out here to complete my TEFL course. Maybe I was too eagar to complete the course... I had completed Module 13 on 3 Oct 2011. Hee hee... Back to reality!

All seems pretty smooth till I was doing Check Point 1 (CP1). What a rude shock I had! After completing the quizzes for Module 1 and 2, I did anticipate that CP1 can be this challenging. I started CP1 on 4 Oct 2011 and took the next 4 days to clear this CP. Gosh! And I was planning to complete the course in a month. Quite a number of questions in CP1 was forcing me to think out of the box (well, this box refers to the course content to put things in context). I think I should re-arrange my schedule and also think of a new learning strategy to accelerate my learning.

Started the journey on Module 3 and Module 4. I am now facing my greatest fear... my weakness in English Grammar. Will consolidate my learnings and attempt the quizes of these two modules over the next 2 days. Till then, time for a short nap before my morning meetings.


"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living."