29 May 2009

Volunteer Contribution with ISCOS @ Sentosa

Did my first volunteer contribution today with ISCOS. Brought some kids to Sentosa to have a fun time together. Our interactions opened my mind to another perspective of life.

The children are so full of energy, expecially my assigned buddy Khairu, and I almost fully depleted mine... LoL

I had made new friends too! Wonderful ladies Trina Teo and Anna Tang and our unbelievable energetic Thomas Tan! I like Thomas's quote on his contact card,

"Work should be a joyful experience
as it enhances the quality of our lives."

*Click on the photos to enlarge.


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I am looking forward to the next contribution time. :-P

Have a great weekend,

Leroy Ang

"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living."

09 May 2009

Photos of me in Uniforms

Haven't been taking photos for quite a while. Thought I might as well get Alex to take a few for me for memories sake... hahaha... I should be doing cover look shot by this year. I plan too.

* Click on the images below for enlarged view.

Me and the Gang in White

Serious @ Work

Quite obvious that I did not have enough sleep

Chit chatting with Paul

That's me! Cheerful, optimistic and sun shine... get infected by me. ;-)

Cheers! :-)


"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living."