27 April 2009

Profile of Leroy Ang

A recent event triggered me to think about how I view myself in my profession and as a person. So I wrote a simple profile of myself and thought might as well share it on my blog.

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Profile of Leroy Ang

Leroy Ang is currently the Head of Instructional Development (ID) Section of the Engineers Training Institute (ETI). His primary portfolio includes instructors’ development and instructional technologies development. Leroy is responsible for sourcing courses that enhanced the instructional capabilities of the Institute’s instructors and implementing technological tools to enhance the learning effectiveness and experience of the students passing through the Institute’s programme prior to becoming the next generation of commanders in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Leroy likes to describe his role using the following example, “If Institute’s instructors are the knife that cuts, he is the sharpener that sharpens this knife”.

Leroy had held several command, staff and instructional appointments in his 11 years with the SAF, holding appointments such as Officer-in-Command of a Mechanised Equipment Company, Staff Officer of Curriculum & Leadership Development and also as a Company Trainer training NSmen prior to his current appointment as Hd ID Section. As part of his military training, Leroy attended the Intelligence Officer Course, Company Tactics Course, Engineer Officer Advanced Course and the Unit Logistics Course. For his instructional development portfolio and advancement, Leroy attended courses covering Instructional Design Course, Educational Psychology, Coaching & Facilitation, New Media in Teaching Pedagogy, Scenario-Based Learning, Modeling & Simulation and Communication for Teaching & Learning, just to name a few.

As a Commissioned Officer, Leroy has had the opportunity to participate in some of the larger-scale events that the SAF was organising. One of the most fulfilling events was the Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) in 2007 where Leroy contributed his effort as a Marketing Director and also the Sponsorship Mileage Realisation Manager of the Sponsorship Committee. As a marketing director, he was placed in charge of soliciting for sponsorship from 50 over companies. As the mileage realization manager, he had to realise the sponsorship mileage for 200 over participating sponsors. Via this project, Leroy had the opportunity to work with sponsors from spanning from MNCs to SMEs, and across different industries such as advertising media, desktop publishing and printing, decoration, F&B, banking and finance, infrastructure and events management etc.

Armed with the experience and well accumulated reputation from NDP 2007, Leroy was accorded role of the Secretary to the Sponsorship, Souvenirs and Charity Committee in the Army Open House 2009. At the time of this writing, this project is still on-going and progressing well.

Leroy is passionate about the subject on personal finance and is determined to gain more financial literacy to accomplish his dream of achieving financial freedom by age 45. Thereafter, he wishes to contribute most of his time on community services and charitable works. He constantly shared his learning on the subject of personal finance to members of the yahoo group, the “Federation of Financial Freedom” and also via his blogsite @ www.leroyang.blogspot.com. Leroy hosts the “Cash Flow” game on a routine basis for his friends to share and network on the basis of their common dreams, “To achieve financial freedom”.

Leroy is a keen learner and an exemplary example of his belief that “When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living.” Leroy has a Diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore), a Specialist Diploma in Learning Science from the National Institute of Education (Singapore) and a Diploma in Financial Management from Kaplan AMPI (Singapore). He is currently on the journey to obtain the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification.

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Leroy Ang

"When I Stop Learning, I Stop Living."

15 April 2009

Wealth Creation Principle

After 3 years of studying the rich people, I came to a conclusion on a wealth creation principle:



In translation, the mandrian text above states that:

Wealth Creation Principle:

"Do a good deed everyday,
Open new sources of revenue, Plug your wealth leakages."

It is indeed true that most of the wealthy people I know, are not stingy at all. In fact, they are the most generous when comes to charitable donations and activities.

This group of rich people has a commonality... they have the Skills, Knowledge and Experience to create new sources of revenue to fill up their piggy banks. At the same time, they are prudent on what they spend on.

They are crystal clear on their concept to get rich.

So what's your concept to become richer? Care to do a good deed today by sharing with me? ;-)

Good night!


"When I Stop Learning, I Stop living."