13 November 2010

ISCOS Appreciation Tea on 13 Nov 2010

ISCOS Appreciation Tea at Holiday Inn Atrium on 13 Nov 2010.

Mr Andy giving the Opening Address.

I have got awarded! ;-)

Keen to join me on this journey?! :-D

You get lucky if you contribute, enough... :-P

Supporters of ISCOS continue to grow in strength. Yahoo-o!

De Imperfection Band, singing "Xiao Wei"!

Signing Letter of Intent for more cooperation in future.

Thank you ISCOS for giving me the opportunity to contribute towards your Cause! My participation continues to resonate with my belief that everyone should be given a second chance. Sharing a quote from our beloved Singapore President, Mr S R Nathan, "Although they have made a mistake in life, they deserve a second chance. We all make mistakes; we all come out the better for it.".

I have got in touch again with Mr Teo Tze Fang, who is currently the CEO of the Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE). The mission of SCORE is, "Building Bridges, Changing Lives". Tze Fang was previously from the Prison Services. Little was shared by me that it was Tze Fang's one email that open the door for me to enter ISCOS, so that I can contribute in more meaning ways. Salute!

Sitting beside me was Samuel, one of the Key Role Model of ISCOS. Samuel is current serving in the HighPoint Community Services Association. Their mission is, "To help rebuild broken lives of people in need, especially ex-offenders and their families."

During this session, I have also got the opportunity to get to know Sin Sin, the boss of Secret Recipe! Gosh how I love their yum yum making me fatter every time I tasted them. I am glad that she is also a supporter of ISCOS's Cause. She has another social enterprise that is on-going and growing and they are serving 10 different types of different laksas @ Laksania! I can't wait to taste them... more yum yum. Do give her your support! :D

I am also glad to be able to speak to Mr Andy up close and person. Also got to know that his company is handling fund management through the GIP programme. Foreign investors who wishes to park them wealth in Singapore and obtain a PR status at the same time can look for him!

Volunteering gives the type of satisfaction and happiness cannot buy. Do consider joining me in this journey. I was thinking of doing this after I retire. I am glad I did not wait till then. So what are you wait for? Join me in this fulfilling journey, NOW! :-D



  1. Hi Leroy,

    Great blog you wrote. Thanks for the inspiration.

    With warmest regards,

    Thomas A C Tan

  2. Thanks Thomas! You are an inspiration yourself. Cheers!